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Our world is moving at incredible speeds and now is the time to seek truth, freedom and claim the elusive  wealth we all have within us.

Watch and listen as I share my personal experiences while learning and growing with other like minded souls. I am so grateful to my guests for sharing their own thoughts, opinions and journey with me. Together we can all create a better world for everyone much faster.

Join me and define what wealth means to you, improve your mindset, kick out the false beliefs and replace them with truth while focusing on our health and wellbeing so we can truly enjoy the life we are creating.


The Wealth Within Us

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Meet Michelle

They said, work hard and you will achieve your goals, go to college, do what you love and the money will follow, work on yourself, do this, do that… ughhhh!

Well, who the hell are “they” and why did “they” lie to me?
And why did I believe them?

I was born in 1972, all throughout my childhood and teenage years I did so many of the things “they” said and guess what? Things didn’t turn out the way “they” said.

Don’t get me wrong, I have so much in my life to be grateful for – my family, friends and a business of my own, but I have always felt that something was off. For a long time I exhausted myself reading business and self-help books, focused on the positive, meditated, visualized my ideal life, but yet I was still stuck. Over and over playing number games in my head of how I was going to pay the upcoming bills and do the things I love, comparing myself to others in my field, struggling to find my voice and wondering how the heck I was going to live a life of true wealth with an income model that was not designed to achieve those goals.

So, I did what I do best – back to research. But this time I’m going back in time to seek out human history – the hidden stories. I found that not everything I believed was true. Now what, and… how do I know what is true? It’s all so new and has me a bit confused, but also more encouraged than ever!

Maybe you feel similar and have been struggling for a long time or maybe you are fed up with the lies and false promises and just want the truth.

I certainly do not have all the answers, but what I do know is that we cannot do it on our own. Join me and others who are sharing their time and experience with me to explore the myths, truths, history and divine knowledge that will give us all the courage to take the uncomfortable steps, open our minds and jump out of the “matrix” we are existing in.

Together we can live the life we have been gifted and find true health, wealth and freedom as we define them and on our own terms.

There will be many successes and hopefully few failures, but always continuing to learn and unlock The Wealth Within Us.

Entrepreneur, Truth Seeker and Wealth Creator

Unlock Your Health

Light frequency

Stem Cell Activation Patches

Stem cell activation patches naturally elevate new stem cell activity in our bodies which tap into our individual body's intelligence.

Learn about light and frequency technology in a small, patented patch.


Join me for a 21-day deep dive into phototherapy patches!

For 21 days learn all about how our this patented technology uses our body's own light to awaken our natural ability to heal itself.

Using just a simple patch consistently can transform your body, mind and spirt.

THREE has redefined the science of supplementation with cutting-edge cellular Cellular Absorption Technologies that deliver nutrients deep into the cell for maximum wellness and bioavailability.

At the Cellular Level

When it comes to your wellness, only the best will do.

THREE has redefined the science of supplementation with cutting-edge cellular Cellular Absorption Technologies that deliver nutrients deep into the cell for maximum wellness and bioavailability.

Unlock Your Mindset

Lanterns being released into the sky.

Akashic Records Reading + Emotion Release Session


Release trapped emotions and find your path back to your soul's purpose.

We start with an Akashic Records reading answering your questions and end with an Emotion Code session release to remove the obstacles on your path.

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records, also known as "The Book of Life” is the universal library of every thought, word, and deed, in all times - past, present, future for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth.

An Akashic Record reading can gently remind you of who you really are - not who you became due to familiar and or societal pressure.

Emotion Code Session

Release trapped, unprocessed emotions keeping you stuck.

Trapped emotions are negative energies we still carry around from past traumas, events or experiences that become stuck in the subconscious mind. These trapped emotions can lead to self-sabotage and hold us back from moving forward, achieving goals and living a happy, abundant life.

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Visual Website

The Visual Website Planner is a step-by-step visual layout tool to help you easily create your website content, get found online and grow your business.

The Canva or PDF fill-in-the-blank files will have you creating your website content quickly and easily!

Free Resources to Help Grow Your Business

Looking for free resources that will help you grow your business on and offline?

Whether you need help with productivity, website content, SEO or creating images, these freebies will help get you going.

Michelle Harris-Blais - The Wealth Within Us Podcast

Website Design
with a Twist!

If you have a business, you need a website - but where to start!

When you work with me, we start with an Akashic Records reading for clarity around your business. Then we release any stuck emotions holding you back and replace with positive beliefs.

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Offers from My Guests

Jessica Garon - Light Language Channel, Nourished Heart Healing

Translating Light Language Codes to Hear the Sound Of Your Soul

Jessica Garon is a Light Language Channel who is guiding others to hear the language of their Soul and enter the Sacred Temple of Sound.
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Charleen Larkin - Studio Owner & Certified Master Photograher

Surviving Entrepreneurship & Saving Your Health & Wellbeing

Charleen Larkin has been a studio owner and photographer for over 25 years. With a competitive market and the ups and down in the most ...
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Kandi Mullen - Reiki Master / Spiritual Growth Coach

Personal Healing with Reiki as a Daily Self-Care Practice

Kandi Mullen is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Growth Coach who is helping people discover the simplicity of a daily Reiki self-care practice.
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Dr. Jess Crowley - Chiropractor / Network Spinal

Not Your Ordinary Chiropractic – The Magic of Network Spinal

Dr. Jess Crowley is a Chiropractor specializing in Network Spinal and committed to not only relieving your pain, but the emotions and trauma that are ...
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Carolyn Osborne, Energy Intuitive, Chiron Energy Medicine for Animals and People

Your Pet is on a Spiritual Journey & Here to Help You on Yours

Carolyn Osborne is a Chiron Energy Medicine Practitioner who is strengthening the relationship between you and your pet by bringing both people and animals into ...
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Grace Mosgeller, Soul Purpose Coach & Gifted Energy Healer

Find Your Soul Purpose & Become a Master Manifester

Grace Mosgeller is a Soul Purpose Coach and Energy healer who has been in your shoes and can help you end the struggle and start ...
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Nicole Miles, Soul Coach & Author of "Eloveate"

eLOVEate Your Soul to Align with Your Sacred Abundance

Nicole Miles is a Soul Coach and author of "Eloveate" a book that reminds you of all you should have been taught about yourself but ...
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Therapy With The Angels & the Fast track To Healing

Natalie Botero practices a modality of healing she developed based on her education and past experience that combines mental health counseling, energy work, medical intuition, ...
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